• Tapping into Talent

◊ Uniquely cultivated search methodology used to create a portfolio of top candidates
◊ Talent tracked in wide range of industries & multiple functions
◊ Long-term relationships with emerging leaders allow us to understand their strengths, potential and career goals
◊ Place candidates in positions that build their careers

  • Delivering Talent

◊ Limiting services to 2-3 clients per industry sector, allows us to forge in-depth relationships
◊ These tight bonds help us to:

° Anticipate Client Needs
° Serve as a strategic partner
° Understand market dynamics

◊ Candidates/Top leadership presented from multiple industries


  • Retained Executive Search (Senior Director and Above).

  • Retained Mid-Level Search (Director and Senior Managers).

  • Retained Market Mapping.


  • Integrated Solutions

◊ Flexible programs to fix unique client problems

  • Strategic Retainer Agreement (SRA)

◊ Designed for clients requiring top talent on an ongoing basis in the same functional space

◊ Key features include:

° Ongoing search based on Spec.
° A minimum number of candidates will be presented in a “Candidate Book” monthly (e.g. 5 candidates)
° Preserve the Client’s branding
° Recruit using standard processes
° Fixed monthly retainer fee
° For example, regular retainer fee may serve as fixed fee

  • Projects

◊ Timely met staffing projects
◊ Key goals, expectations and scope are defined at project initiation